Pupspace - right here, right now

From our wonderful companions dogs a human pup can learn a very helpful outlook, which is thinking in the here and now. You might think that dogs don't worry, but they do. But they tend to only feel anxious when they are in direct contact with experiences that cause them pain or discomfort. As a human, you do what dogs never do. You can wake up dreading the events of the day ahead. Dogs don't wake up at 3am and think "Fuck! I see the vet today!" 

And dogs have few regrets. They might look guilty when caught destroying something  but a pat and a throw of a ball and they have forgotten all about it. Whereas humans often recall traumatic things as if they were just yesterday, and tend to dwell on them. 

Dogs seem much happier than humans, which is a reason they are the most likely animal for human pet play. Unless a dog has been horribly abused, he usually carries on in life with contentment. In contrast humans tend to worry a lot, often obsessing over imagined bad things, dwelling on past incidents, and sleeping peacefully a lot less than a dog. 

As a human pup you can learn this from a dog, and realise that one of the biggest threats to you enjoying pup play (if not life in general) is your human ability to ruin the present with thoughts about the future or past that disturb you. When you bring possible future mistakes as well as past regrets into the present, you are disconnecting from the real life experience happening right now and paying attention to what is most likely imaginary crap in your head. That wrecks the moment for pup play, if not anything else. To avoid this happening you need to stay focused on each moment in pup play as it comes to you. 

Entering that mindset that we have called pupspace (or the pupzone) you take time to notice all the sensations happening to your body. The feel of leather, its smell. The feel of your masters touch and his scent. You literally view the world differently from all fours. First Collar Mind Training and Second Collar Mind Training teaches you how to deal with stray thoughts and enter the pupzone. Just remember that intruding thoughts don't reflect reality and experience, they are simply your thinking about that. 

By focusing on the moment you will allow yourself to enjoy pup play and leave human worries behind.