The Path to Freedom

Americans have always been deeply divided, yet they come together in an openness and willingness to discuss their opinion of authority. So you can count on an American pup to have an opinion of how BDSM play and pup training should be. Every USA pup lives in a culture that seeks to preserve people from tyranny and unnecessary restraint of individuals, yet human pup play in most of the world requires obedience and servitude to a Master, with a regime of subject discipline upon the human pup. From this contradiction the American pup strives for a brave new path forward onto new ground - the Path to Freedom.

First some history...

Understanding a little of the formation of America helps understand why the approach to human pup play is so different there. In short, the early colonies in America came from different places in Europe, each with different faiths and politics. They competed with each other, even warring on one another occasionally. Early Americans developed a competitive spirit, a belief that the pursuit of self interest achieves the best result - something very different to the Old World from whence they came. This independence and personal liberty was at radical odds with Europe, and when Britain decided to treat them all as a single unit, the American colonies united to form a state in defiance of what they perceived as tyranny. The revolutionary state of USA emerged victorious, but at its heart there remained unresolved issues or race and authority, which eventually lead to a bitter civil war. Though the issues remain somewhat unresolved to this day, Americans have developed a "dream" that is their own - that through hard work, courage, and determination anyone can prosper. 

American culture is derived essentially from European culture for the most part, and it is no surprise then that the USA is actually not one nation but several nations existing under one government. Immigrants have formed these nations which are usually vying for dominance in USA in cultural war. The competing cultures may not be as pronounced as the nationalities of Europe, but they are widespread in American nonetheless, making it difficult to be a generic American. Centuries have taught the Europeans to come together in a Union of mutual respect and peace; America is different. It is a place of flux and competition, where the strongest ideas are meant to survive. 

"You can't tell me what to think and do"

So it is difficult to define one coherent set of values for an American pup to have. Most of America can trace cultural ideas back to the Founding Fathers of their Republic, but these politicians had differing intentions for the state that eventually formed. The frontier development of the USA also altered American culture forever as well. To go by what the propaganda says, the American pup can be expected to be self reliant, resourceful, prepared to help others, hard working, independent and possessing a strong sense of equality. We suppose that it is more complex than that. 

So we present the American pup path as a multi lane road. The different ways forward all lead to an American Puphood, but you can change lanes at any time and redefine your pup identity. There can even be alternative routes that seem to take you off the "pup highway road" for a while, yet they too lead to an American identity as a pup. 

Americans kinksters reading of the Path to Freedom will likely conflict with any attempt to define them culturally. They may resist simple definitions of their culture as a whole, arguing the exceptions that exist to the seeming rules presented here. For Americans looking at this cultural summary, there is only one truth they cannot argue with -

"To be American is to argue what it is to be an American"

For the rest of us in the world, we often look at American culture and see a powerful amount of self absorption, as USA citizens can seem terribly ignorant of the rest of the world. What we foreigners need to understand is that  American culture is an argument in progress, a vigorous debate. America is not a unified state, it is a meeting place of ideas that usually clash. It has never experienced uniformity, and it likely never will. From that clamour of voices new ideas often arise, and the rest of the world listens. 

Yes it is true that Americans usually do look at the billions of people in the rest of the world as belonging in relatively uniform cultures, despite the fact that is not true. To the American pup, USA is obviously big and full of different peoples - and the background noise of constant debate means it is hard to appreciate the nuances of other lands. 

The Path to Freedom is not a telling of each individual American experience, and it is not an attempt to weave together a unified narrative of what an American pup is. Instead the path is a presentation of ideas on how to construct your own American pup self. The Path of Freedom means that Pup Training and Obedience exists to serve the pup; every pup is free to determine their own destiny. The Path is not a definition of what an American pup is because even if the majority of human pups embraced its definition, the right of the minority to not be defined so must still be preserved. This is the Path to Freedom.