2CT - Second Collar Training

Second Collar Training expands your development as a human pup. Now that you have an idea of what being a pup entails, it is time to do some serious training. Of course it will be fun to do many of the activities in Second Collar Training, but hey can be challenging too. Most activities are going to force you to broaden your "self" and truly develop your inner pup, so that soon that inner pup can express himself with ease. You will find your human self resisting the change at times. That's to be expected, as you can't change decades of social conditioning overnight. When you are encountering inner resistance, reach out to your Trainer to help you. That's what I am here for. 

Resistance is natural and will be overcome

This road to Puphood now takes you to the outside world and expressing your pup self there, in small and controlled ways. It is important you don't rush ahead and feel over confident, and behave as if you are a fully grown pup. Master the Second Collar so you can feel that sense of accomplishment pup and know what you are doing for sure, not just winging it.  Once you have all of the First and Second lessons under your hood you will find yourself confident to be a pup in many different circumstances. 

Your first collar was a leather one, a symbol of your raw pup self. That black leather collar is now going to be designated as used for play, in the privacy of the den, either at home or with Sir. It's not for show, it's your collar to wear when you are in training sessions or just playing around as a pup. That First Collar is something to remind you of the fun of learning and being a new pup.

Your Second Collar chain shows you are Owned pup

Your second collar is a chain, and it should be worn in everyday life as much as possible. Sometimes your work or a social occasion will make that difficult- grandma asks why are you wearing a chain around your neck, awkward silence at family dinner ensues - so use discretion and common sense when to wear the chain. This collar is a symbol of your serious commitment to puphood, of your loyalty to your Owner, and of your self discipline as you restrain your growing pup nature.