UberHund 2 - Harden the fuck up

the Way of Iron is your road pup, and no one else can walk it for you. Walk tall and proud, not crawl like a cripple or beg for escape to the herd and you will become yourself UberHund

There is no way to become an UberHund without a readiness and capacity to withstand, absorb, and use to your best purpose an immense quantity of pain. Life is pain, and an UberHund will put his pain to work. A "good" person, a "nice" pup will try and eliminate pain and suffering instead. In human society it's often deemed "good" to relieve pain for others, it's seen as more important to be "nice" than risk being seen as "bad". You are on the Iron Road of Pain, and will embrace it not run from it. 

UberHunds do not subscribe to ordinary social morality, they do not give a fuck about being seen as bad or good. Any morality you follow as a pup has to be proved worthy. For it to be a 'real' morality for you pup it has to serve your purposes. An UberHund does not follow any morality derived from mythical deities, or from whimsical notions of fairness. The cold hard brutal fact is that life is an overwhelming spectacle of cruelty, stupidity, and suffering. There is no plan behind what has gone in your life so far pup, no reason from without guiding events. As you have embraced puphood, you have understood that the meaning of experience of life is determined by how you approach it - you make it up as you go along, and you have created a pup life of your own. To be an UberHund, not just a pup, you recognise that you were socially conditioned - taught by humans on what to think, how to act, how to express your feelings.

As an UberHund you must take power over the weight of miserable history of humanity and replace the way they do things with the way you think they should do things. 

The world about you is in decay pup, with humans falsely believing they can "conserve" old values of the past and keep "true" to their ways of life. Civilisation declines because of a decline in values. Humans will mouth the values, but not actually live them. In your moments of being an UberHund you get to live your values fully. Since you chose what you value and believe, you get to be yourself in a way that a human does not. The UberHund has abandoned human morality to embrace his own destiny.

You will work through your pain and not be a victim - yet you don't have to be a dickhead and fight constantly. UberHund uses his strength wisely for his own ends

Now before you go helter skelter and start kicking the shit out of grannies and smashing my windows, you need to keep a perspective on things. You choose your own values. If you choose values of "fuck all humans can die" and then proceed to start killing them, well, you will end up in jail quickly. And good luck being a pup there. The path of the UberHund takes it a step further in pup play - but it does not advocate being an idiot and thinking there are no consequences to your actions. An UberHund would not kill people because its a waste of time, of an UberHunds time - you can't pup play in jail! But an UberHund would not fear any divine retribution or sin, or care for the judgement of others. An UberHund recognises that laws exist for reasons, often very sensible reasons, and will follow them to avoid negative consequences. Some of those laws even are similar to an UberHunds values perhaps. But you don't want to follow a human morality when you are in pup play.

Morality for humans in western society has become remote and unintelligible, useless for human pup play. The dictates of the mythical god of a small middle eastern tribe are false, useless, and hamper you in pup play. Those morals have remained static and largely unchanging, suitable to a small tribe of a primitive age but useless to you as a pup in the 21st century. The UberHund recognises no god, but recognises the god botherers handiwork. Even though his fellow pups may not believe in a god, their conception of themselves, as humans, has failed them - they still derive it from a social construct that sees humans as creatures obliged to obey the dictates of a creator. UberHund sees that Life is dreadul, so why would he want to make it worse by denying himself pleasure and believing in sin?

It doesn't matter whether a god exists or not - it matters whether you believe it. The UberHund has wisely abandoned any belief to face the fact that morals given to him by a culture derived from a useless god are useless values. The UberHund must create new values. Humans may think it is great to serve god, or to serve humanity - which is nothing but a decaying pack of god slaves anyhow - but the UberHund will never bow and serve a false idol. He seeks "greatness" in himself. And greatness comes at a cost of pain. The Iron Road of pain.

Nazism looks seductive but is a trap - you cannot be yourself but must bow to an ovelord and fear "others" as a Nazi. The UberHund doesn't need that shit

The misapprehension is that the Way of Iron has some connection to the Way of Nazis. Their tenet of fraternity and obedience to their overlord, their Fuhrer, covers a darker manifesto of industrialisation of the herd of humanity, of demonising sub cultures as weakened who sap the strength of superior aryans. This politic misleads a pup into the trap of Nazism, which in itself is weak, and simply reiterated the herd obedience to a god figure. Individualism, the path of crafting oneself as explained in UberHund 1, was crushed under the weight of decadent nationalism and hollow style. The Way of Iron is not the way of the Iron Cross. Whether saluting a political rabble rouser or kneeling before a zombie redeemer, the cross represents the herd. An UberHund is not of the herd. 

The Way of Iron is simply the embracing of pain by an UberHund. He will always work through his pain to become stronger. He will use his pain for his building of character, for strengthening his will. It is a hard, individual road, and the UberHund must have the strongest will. And his will must not suppress his desire, rather it should help fulfil it. You are hardest on yourself pup, seeking to make yourself into the great UberHund. Comfort and satisfaction can be distractions from this goal, and sensual gratification helps you realise your pup self but you must be wary of indulging too much lest you become weak like a human of the herd. 

Harden the fuck up pup and be an UberHund!