Pup Self Control Quiz

This is a short quiz to assess how much self control you have over your own moods, whether you take charge of them, or whether you let them take charge of you. Knowing if you can handle your feelings with awareness and resolve helps a Trainer know whether you are ready for training at creating a separate pup self. You have to be able to put bad moods in perspective and then be able to move on otherwise you will find entering your pupzone very hard. This quiz is part of FCT Training Hard.

The Pup Self Control Quiz *
The Pup Self Control Quiz
Click on the level of agreement you have for each statement
When I am sad, I cannot imagine ever being happy again
When I am angry at one person, I take out my anger on others as well
I tend to see situations in black and white
When I am upset, it is hard to make me laugh
People know to stay out of my way when I am in a bad mood
When I am upset, the things I usually enjoy bring me no pleasure
I eat or drink too much when upset, and then feel bad about doing so
I can never sleep when I am worried
A setback in the present makes me think about past setbacks
A disappointment in the present makes me feel hopeless about the future
If I feel rejected by one person, I feel like a complete failure
I never want company when I am upset
If something doesn't turn out well, I think about what I could or should have done differently
At times I feel unlucky
When I am in a bad mood, minor irritations cause my temper to flare
I never think to do anything nice for someone unless I am personally very happy
When I make a mistake, I replay it in my head over and over again
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