Sirius Pup Myth 3 - We only do pup play sex and no other form of sex

People can be stubborn in their assumptions regarding sex. Once they see you are into a particular thing, they can steadfastly think that's all you are into. This is fair enough in that for some people pup hood and gear become 'sexual fetish objects'. Not our pack members though.  We continue our a myth debunking series here to help explain where we are on the sex with or without the hood play. This video, and all in the series are not meant to be a drama or entirely serious either - no pun intended. 

We begin with the statement - We only do pup play and no other forms of sex. 
This is wrong, and this video below is us explaining what the actual truth is. 

We aren't making a negative judgement on those who choose or are fetish bound in pup play. We are simply saying - "hey, we can fuck in lots of other ways too!"