Pup Listening Quiz

This is a short quiz to assess how good your listening skills in human pup play might be. The ability to listen carefully and non judgementally results in a stronger relationship with your pack and Owner, built on trust, tolerance, and understanding. Listening helps you learn as you gain knowledge and fresh information that might not otherwise have been found if you just did everything your own way and didn't listen to Sir.   Listening might seem a simple thing to do, but it's easy to get distracted or to retreat into your own little world as a pup when others are speaking. So let's find out where your skill level is at.  This quiz is part of FCT Communication. 

Pup Listening Quiz *
Pup Listening Quiz
Click on the level of agreement you have for each statement
I have good audio recall - I can easily repeat what Sir has said to me
Pups tend to come to me to ask my opinion and seek guidance
I am a patient person
In group training, I'd have the answer when called on
I make eye contact with people who are speaking to me
I am well aware of people's emotional states when they are speaking to me
I can easily paraphrase what someone has just said
I rarely have to repeat myself
I am aware when people say one thing but really mean another
I really enjoy music
I find most people interesting
I tend not to interrupt when others are speaking
I am interested in opposing points of view in politics
I ask thoughtful questions
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