ignorance is shameful and a waste of your time

A Proper Pup turns his thought to seeing clearly when he uses his eyes, to hearing acutely when he uses his ears, to looking polite when it comes to his presentation, to appearing respectful when it comes to his demeanour, to being conscientious when he speaks, to being reverent when he performs his duties, to seeking advice when he is in doubt, to the consequences when he is enraged, and to what is right when their is a chance to gain. 

The way to puphood is clearly there before the minds eye, so it is not hard to see, but it is essential to be firm of will and powerful in your practice as a pup. This is how a Proper Pup trains and becomes a pup. If you believe you are a pup for one day and doubt it for ten, if you practice pup exercises in the morning but put it off at night, then it will be hard to see the way to puphood even if it is right before your eyes. 

The essential point in every lesson of pup training is like balancing stones to weigh things - just get them even. Things won't work if one side is too heavy - pushing yourself hard or lagging lazily behind are both the same in being one sided. 

In your daily routine do not show weariness, and when there is action to be taken, give it your best. If you act in balance with yourself you will go forward in becoming a Proper Pup. 

When pups energy is greater than their will, they become small, petty people, only interested in pleasing themselves in the moment. When their will masters their energy pups become faithful dedicated hounds. When their energy and their will are equal, they become Proper Pups. 

Some pups are stubbornly hostile and will not accept any training - it is their energy that makes them do this. Some pups seek to be a perfect pup without learning. A Proper Pup is easy of mind, while a lesser pup is full of anxiety.

Do not concern yourself with matters of the governing of the pack unless Master has given them responsibility as Alpha. The attitude of an Alpha must be impartial. In doing things, you should not necessarily consider what comes from yourself to be right while what comes from others wrong. For every Alpha there are three don'ts - when there is much to do, don't be afraid, don't be hasty, and don't talk about opinions of right and wrong. Just follow your training as a Proper Pup.  

You do not need to be Alpha in the pack to be a Proper Pup. Do not worry because you have no official position or collar - worry about your qualifications and your training. Do not worry because Master does not seem to appreciate your abilities - instead seek to be worthy of appreciation. When you meet a pup better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet a pup not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self. Even when walking in the company of other pups you are bound to learn. The good points of one pup you can copy, the bad points of another pup you can correct in yourself. 

Do not be impatient in your path to puphood. Do not see only petty gains of the moment. If you are impatient, you will not reach your goal. If you see only petty gains, the great task of transforming yourself into a pup will not be accomplished. And do not try to teach before you have learnt. It is wrong to act as a teacher of other pups before your own pup self is clearly understood. Take time to learn at a proper pace, and balance your life in all ways. 

Talking about puphood every moment of your day is like looking for fish tracks in a dry riverbed. You will exhaust your energy to learn quickly and be lost.  

Hard work is its own reward. You do not need to achieve goals immediately, rather your effort shows your worth. Work neither to exhaustion or carelessly, instead be focused on working well.