UberHund 3 - Power requires Will

It is difficult for an UberHund to obey the order of a human, as they are weak and herd like.  Yet the pup obeys his Master as he learns to be himself.

You have created yourself as a pup, with the help of your Owner and Trainer. You evolved from lower order animals to be a human, and now you have evolved mentally from being human to step out of that masked shell to embrace your animal desires, and lead yourself away from the social conditioning you have been experiencing from fellow humans. Your Owner and Trainer has guided you along the way, but you need to see the limitations of his humanity. The UberHund in you must use will to be your self, not what others want.

Even though you may have been caged physically, the UberHund is never mentally caged - his will is to be free and master of his own destiny, not a slave to the herd mentality

The course of human evolution, so often delayed, has seen the herd instinct of obedience inherited, at the expense of the art of commanding. You have walked the path on all fours as a pup to divest yourself as much as possible of human conditioning when you are in pup play. Your submission so far has been to learn the arts of human pup play, so that you can empower yourself and be free. The UberHund embraces his innate will to power, his urge to command and do as he wishes. You must embrace the Uber - the 'power that transcends and places you over all'. Not so that you go on to rule the pack, but so that you can do what you wish and have your desires made manifest with no herd holding you back.

As a pup, through your Second Collar Interaction training you have learnt to negotiate to get what you want. Now you step further on that path to get what you want, but you recognise the limitations of those you are transacting with. The UberHund sees that herd thinking humanity still infects many pups, and certainly masters. They unwittingly obey the herd instinct a lot, if not all the time. You have endured pain on the Iron Road so that you can use your will to further your own ends, not bow to the herd and blindly follow them into submission. For make no mistake, it is the nature of humanity to submit to its own collective will. 

The herd instinct taken to its ultimate end would remove Masters and any dependence you have crafted for your unique self. You can see this in humans, especially those who call themselves masters or owners, when they feel bad for being commanding and bossy, when they clone themselves in the fashion of what the herd describes as the style of a master. These false masters are liars - in order to be able to command others, they have to practice a deceit upon themselves; a deceit that they too are only obeying. The big lie of these masters is that they are slaves to the herd just as much as submissives, or pups, or anyone else, but they pretend to themselves they are not. 

There is the moral hypocrisy of these bdsm masters. Despite their hollow words, their behaviour betrays them. They defend themselves against feeling a bad conscience by hiding behind a mythical overlords will (a gods decree) or borrow herd maxims from the herds way of thinking, to appear as servants of the people or the pack, to be doing things responsibly for your protection. These masters "care" what happens, aping a herd mentality. Care is for the weak, your Iron Road knows only pain or pleasure. 

Your Master has helped free you of inhibitions you have inherited from the human herd

Your Master has guided you pup. He has striven to not be a false idol, to not have your worship. He has striven to empower you and free you from human bondage. And you have learnt from him. His role in your life is not to "own" you anymore - his "ownership" was always symbolic of the bondage you were in, slave to herd human thinking. As "his" pup you found a path to escape, and now it is time to be your own pup. You cannot let your human conditioned herd mentality keep you enslaved, no matter how attractive or reasonable it may seem to be just like any other pup. You must rise above being a member of the herd.  

The herd member makes himself out to be the only permissible kind of man, trying to marginalise and socially outcast those who rebel against the herd. The herd member glorifies the qualities through which he is tamed, by which he is made peaceable, and useful to the herd - namely public spirit, benevolence, consideration, industriousness, moderation, modesty, forbearance, and pity. The UberHund chooses his values and defines himself by his own measure. It may be an UberHund chooses to express pity, or consideration, or forbearance - but it is always on his terms, not because he is following the dictates of the herd. 

Life demands a will to power, a desire to be supreme and realised over others. The herd slaves, having deified an icon of submission, exercise their will to power by converting their own masters to their values. Pride, Satisfaction with Oneself, Prosperity have been replaced by Modesty, Humility, and Self Sacrifice. It is through the will to power that you can escape the herd mentality pup, and become UberHund. 

The UberHund is a pup of the pre-christian age, but recognises he has been born into the herd of humanity which has fallen into moral failure

Your Master has served as a representative of the idea, an archetype - but he is not your Owner, not your God, and he cannot hold back your Will to be UberHund. You can see your Master as like an Olympian God of old, before the shackling weak archetypes thrust upon all of humanity later. Olympians fucked animals, waged wars, connived to fulfil their agendas - they were gods, but gods who represented truths of humanity. Your Master is not an idol to bow to, but an Olympian to whom you can become one like him. The UberHund is a hero. His values may not suit the herd, but he is who he is - and not shaped by any gods hammer but his own will.  

The UberHund does choose his own path, his own values. His title derives from German, and from the Teutons - prechristian Germanic/Norse people of Northern Europe - the UberHund could learn a lot. It is not at all expected that an UberHund would take those cultural values as his own, but they are the practices of his ancestors before the herd trampled them into the dust of history. From those bones the UberHund may wish to construct his values and embrace Furor Teutonicus.