Pup Self Esteem Quiz

This is a short quiz to assess how confident you are in your own abilities, whether you feel you are wanted around, and certainly whether you are comfortable with who you are. Knowing if your self regard is low helps a Trainer know whether you are ready for training at creating a separate pup self. You have to like your human self before you build a pup one! 

The Pup Self Esteem quiz
Click on the the level of agreement you have for each statement *
Click on the the level of agreement you have for each statement
I can hold my own in almost any conversation
I often have good ideas
I can cope with whatever comes my way
I am physically attractive
I enjoy my own company
I am never boring
I am a good person, even if I make some mistakes
If I fail at something, I blame circumstances rather than myself
I am able and eager to learn new things
People enjoy talking to me
I make a good first impression
I can make people laugh (with me, not at me)
I'm sexy
I often feel proud of my work
I'm popular
I enhance the lives of the people I interact with
I can rely on myself
I accept my flaws
I am lovable
Many people would like to be more like me
I find it easy to accept a compliment
I get better as I get older
Most criticism does not upset me
If one thing goes wrong, I don't let it ruin my day
I have a "can do" attitude
I learn from my mistakes
I often have fun
I can generally achieve whatever I set my mind to
I have a special talent or ability
A list of my good qualities would be very long
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