Sirius Pup Myth 6 - That we are elitist and inaccessible

The truth - we are not elitist, and we are very open people. Further information can help shed light on why a few people get their muzzles out of joint and feel they are ignored or not included or simply disregarded. It is not anyone's intent to make a pup feel less than us, despite my own occasional use of a Mean Girls meme gif...(mental note - stop using Drop Dead Gorgeous ones too!)

The myth that sirius pups are elitist is at once a wildly inaccurate belief, but it can also be a bad opinion drawing from some evidence. That evidence is basically some pups stating "why am I not a sirius pup now!?" and "why aren't you answering my messages!? (now lol)". 

Let me present some previous responses here (click to watch the vid explanation) for how busy I, the Sir/Boss of Sirius Pup Pack, am. It was not easy to explain that I work, have friends, and loved ones who keep me busy, so I needed to give even further explanation (click to watch another different explanation). The second vid mentioned that I have fuck buddies and exactly how my life is sorted. 

If after watching all three vids you still think that we are not being accessible enough then please give me a detailed understanding of what it is you want - and then take a step back and wait..... and wait.....