Sirius Pup Clan

trained by PupBoss in Sirius Pup Training and part of the collective of those trained pups

People who get into human pup play can have unusual relationships and affiliations. A human pup can have family, a partner, a boss at work, a master in puphood, and brothers in a pack. A human pup can be of Italian heritage, married to an Irish woman, working in the national armed forces, with a Germanic master and skinhead packmates. Rarely is a persons life straightforward and simple when you look at the bigger picture of their relationships. Unusual becomes something a person adjusts to. 

The distinctions described above reflect meaningful boundaries that exist for a human pup, as a person can have a foot, or a paw, in various camps at any given moment. Sometimes a camp that a pup is part of can have a common ideology, even a similar agenda, with another grouping or camp in a pups life. Both the boss at work and packmaster expect you to perform some duties as you have been trained, and to fit in with an authority structure is just one example. 

Sirius Pups is a camp, one which a human pup can have a paw in. If you follow the Sirius Pup training, you have at least partly done so because you believe in it to some extent. You have shown faith in the training, and have put a paw down to be recognised as a Sirius Pup. 

Being in the Sirius Pup Clan means you are prepared to be recognised as a Sirius Trained Pup

Sirius Pups is a faction because there are different approaches to human pup play, the Sirius Pup method just being one way of doing it. We are confident that our way is as valid as any other, and we acknowledge that it stands in contrast to some other approaches to human pup play. So being recognised as a Sirius Pup means you also stand in contrast to some other approaches. That is not to judge which is best, rather it is to recognise that there are different paths available for human pup play.

Sirius Pups is also a family, with close communication and sharing between pups. Like a family, members of Sirius Pups can have different attitudes and desires, yet they all share a common background in Sirius Pup training and all have the same person in charge of the family. In this case it's not 'dad' but Sir. 

So in recognition of what it means to be involved in Sirius Pup Training, we call the grouping of all Sirius Pups by a name - the Sirius Pup Clan. Rather than a pack, which is the tight knit group of Sirius Pups owned by PupBoss Jyan, the Sirius Pup Clan is the larger group and encompasses everybody, at all stages of Sirius Pup training and of any ownership. It's a less formal and rigid group than the Pack, but it still is not for everyone.

PupBoss Jyan and GPup Alpha are in charge of the pack and Clan. For them they have a responsibility to the welfare of all learning Sirius Pups. 

All Sirius Pup Clan mates receive pup training from PupBoss Jyan. Receiving that direct tutorial training automatically includes you in the Clan. Having created the path, it makes sense that PupBoss Jyan is the authority on it, and he chooses whom he trains or not. So fundamentally, admittance into the Clan requires PupBoss Jyan's approval and a formal relationship of training from him. Someone can suggest a member to join the Clan, but PupBoss chooses who is in or out because he is doing the training and it's his school so to speak.

Not every pup wants to train to the same level, and Clan mates may not all be cut from the same cloth, but they are all woven into the fabric of what it means to be a Sirius Pup. Inclusion is the watchword with fellow students and pups. Being included in the Clan gives a pup access to the Sirius Pup Pack at a more intimate level, as well as obviously improving learning to be a pup. The Clan has its own regular meetings with each other and traditions to celebrate and enjoy. 


Being in the Sirius Pup Clan means training under PupBoss Jyan

Clan mates can rely on each other for support, and engage with each other in more than just a casual way. When dealing with the broader communities - whether they be BDSM, pups, leather etc - Clan mates know they can rely on each other for support and care. Having the trust of your fellow Sirius Pup makes it easier to be yourself in the broader community where it can be hard to be understood at times. 

Expectations of Sirius Pup Clan members are straightforward and reasonable. Clan mates work together and be supportive of each others training. Clan mates respect the Sirius Pup Pack for its wisdom, and PupBoss Jyan as the man in charge of training. That respect is shown by doing more than just using Sir to address Jyan. Politeness and friendliness are a mainstay of communicating with Clan mates and help foster respect for all. It doesn't have to be constantly formal and uptight - after all, many Sirius Pups are Aussies so formality won't last long. 

Being in the Sirius Pup Clan means you are part of a group of like minded pups, perhaps with different Masters and directions, but all prepared to be friendly and cooperative.

Being in the Sirius Pup Clan means you are studying Sirius Pup Training for a purpose. Either you are going to eventually join the pack, or you will be Owned by someone whom PupBoss has approved of. If you want to do your own thing, by all means, do so. You don't need to  be in the Clan. 

 It is appropriate to be forthright about what you want as a pup, and how your circumstances are. No Clan member gets pup training by anyone other than PupBoss Jyan or their Owner, nor does any Clan mate teach others what they learn of Sirius Pup training without permission and probably supervision to begin with. This is to stop mixed messages and avoid confusion in growing as a pup. 

What is expected is that every pup commits to training to a level they are comfortable at, and they do no action that brings trouble or strife to the Clan or damage any Clan members reputation. Every one of the Sirius Pup Clan can be proud and an ambassador for their friends and for a puphood they believe in.

Every clan member has a pack member mentor - a guide to help them along the way. Part tutor, part buddy, and part confidante, your Mentor will be there for you every step of your path of puphood. 

What are the differences between the Pack and Clan?

As explained above, the Clan serves as a grouping of all the pups training in the Sirius Pup format. It sounds rather serious and formal, but it is fun to do, especially together. The Clan is a social network for pups in Sirius Pup Training, and also a knowledge network of support for those who wish to maintain a sensible and professional relationship to Sirius Pups. Together we can support and care for each other, helping pups deal with problems and and the developmental issues of pup selves, so you are never alone, and are supported in accessing your pup self. 

The Clan is the network for social contact and support to become a human pup, with everyone being a Sirius Pup under the hood

The critical difference between the two groups is that the members of the Sirius Pup Pack are "Owned" by PupBoss Jyan. They answer to him as Master, not just for training, but as pups in general. The pups of the Sirius Pup Clan are either solo or involved with other pups or Masters in some way. Their is an expectation of participation by pups within the Clan in activities, so if a pups circumstances or Master preclude them from interacting openly with other pups and Masters, or the pup is unable to talk and interact often for other reasons such as being hidden or closeted about their puphood and sexuality, then the Clan may not be for them. In all decisions of participation or not it is up to PupBoss Jyan. 

The Pack are Owned pups by PupBoss Jyan, and have a deeper BDSM relationship

Pups can leave the Clan at any time of course, and it is understood that they may wish to pursue other avenues of puphood or explore different facets of BDSM and leave pup play behind. With mutual respect and care, the Clan is there for all Sirius Pups to come back too Communication with PupBoss is open for Sirius Pup Clan members old and new. Regrettably, there can be a need for a pup to be told to leave. That is not done casually. A Clan pup who is being a dickhead will be told to leave the Clan. The offending pup is usually obviously being a cock head stand, acting self absorbed, being constantly political and cunning in practice rather than respectful and open to learning. If you are after drama and tension and enjoy causing it and being the centre of attention, then the Clan is not for you. We have no time for pups who bad mouth fellow members and whine and passive aggressively behave towards fellow pups. Respect is important in the Clan. Respect is showing value in yourself and having something to offer to the Clan as well. We can ask of new pups - what is your kind of interest to be here? We hope it is more than just here for cock. 

What makes you a Sirius Pup Clan pup? 

We strive to have each of us in the Clan follow the values we take pride in. They are explained clearly here so you can know what being a Sirius Pup is about. If you are comfortable with becoming a Clan member then follow the link at the bottom of this page to apply to join. 

Bound together by a common bond as Clan mates, pups can trust one another