Time for 2015

Time Management is a difficult thing for us all in this modern age of the internet and 24/7 life. Here is short video explanation of what hurdles exist for online pup community life for me 24/7 and trying to access me on any giving day. Living online does mean people expect to communicate with you - now. Of course that is not always possible. I provide some of the reasons why. I am committed to improving my online communication in a way that suits me and pups better. 

Some changes I will be making are:

  • using the roles of Mentor pups in the Clan more
  • not being available to solve personal problems of random pup players in the world 24/7
  • setting aside dedicated time weekly to answer emails and messages
  • placing greater emphasis on play here in my hometown
  • having a dedicated appointment time monthly on google hangout to interact
  • listening to helpful suggestions to improve communication

It has always been a major issue of Sirius Pups. Hence why the website itself came into being - to solve a problem of not being able to interact in person as much as I would like with my pups. I am proud to say I have evolved to embrace a priority of myself, home, partner, friends, pack, and clan in communication. Now to find the time to do everything!